There are 5 main stages to building a new home from the ground up.

1. Slab Stage
2. Frame Stage
3. Lock Up
4. Fixing
5. Practical Completion

House and Land Solutions work with you during the entire construction phase as your Project Managers, right up until the house is completed and you are given your keys to the home (or if you are building an investment property), we can assist you with sourcing the best property manager in the area who will look after the property management for you, upon completion.

It is really that simple.  We look forward to assisting you too.


Slab Stage

Frame Stage

Lock Up Stage

Fixing Stage

Practical Completion Stage

Featured Agent

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Micki Holder

Mobile: 0412 955 006
House and Land Solutions is a boutique business created by Micki Holder, a fully licensed agent who has been specialising in new construction for many years.

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